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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I am a new patient, how long will it take to get in for an appointment? We are scheduling our new patient appointments within 1-2 weeks typically, depending on your schedule availability.
  2. Why 2-3 weeks? ​New patient appointments take approximately 15-30 minutes longer than a regular follow up visit. We need to allow additional time on our schedule for these appointments.
  3. Once I am an established patient, how long will it take to get in when I am sick? We schedule all urgent/ sick patient appointments either same day or within 24 hours. 
  4. How do I schedule an appointment? You can schedule an appointment by calling our front desk staff at 812-402-3700 or by scheduling online on Patient Fusion if you are an established patient.
  5. What do I need to bring to my first appointment? You will need to bring a valid, state issued, picture identification card and your insurance card. You will need to turn in your new patient paperwork at least 48 hours before your first appointment so that we can create your chart. 
  6. Where can I get a copy of the new patient paperwork? ​​There are multiple ways to get a copy. You can stop by our office to fill out the packet. You can contact our Front Desk at 812-402-3700 to request a copy be mailed, faxed, or emailed to you. You can also download a copy on our forms page by clicking here.
  7. What if I need to speak with someone outside of your business hours for an urgent issue? If it is a life-threatening issue call 911. Otherwise, you can reach Dr. Malek on the on-call phone at 812-484-8792 for urgent issues or you can email him at [email protected] for non-urgent issues. 
  8. What is considered an urgent issue versus an emergency? An emergency is any life-threatening issue that requires immediate attention by a trained professional. Some examples include sudden loss of consciousness, signs of a heart attack, severe shortness of breath, cut or wound that won't stop bleeding, poisoning, head trauma, etc. An urgent issue that does require attention but is not life-threatening would be burning with urination, vomiting, ear infection, minor allergic reaction, minor fever, cough or sore throat, etc. Please contact our office if you have any questions.